No Delays when Building your Custom Home

For our second Fear, in our 5 most common fears when building a Custom Home, is Time Delays!

Many builders are NOTORIOUS for building delays during a custom build. When this happens, you’re stuck waiting around because you aren’t able to move in on time, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the homeowner’s biggest fears when it comes to building a custom home in Swift Current! Can building delays be avoided? Absolutely! Let’s get into it. 

The Problem with Building Delays: 

Besides it being an inconvenience, there are many problems with building delays during a custom build. 

  • Additional expenses – Not only will you have the additional stress of finding another place to stay while you’re waiting for your build to be complete but you also need to take on additional expenses you might not have accounted for from the beginning. 
  • More to think about – You already have enough on your plate but when there are building delays, you suddenly become the general contractor of your life. You’ll have to coordinate the sale of your own home or your rent, when to pack, the time you’ll need to take off work, scheduling movers or friends and family to help with the move and more! 
  • Risk being homeless for a period of time – When the move-in time isn’t guaranteed, you run the risk of having no place to live if there are building delays. While you might have friends and family members that are willing to take you in for a short period of time, that’s not always the best option and can put a strain on your relationships. 

How to Avoid Building Delays: 

With the above fears lingering in your mind, you might be hesitant to move forward with a custom build. Fortunately, these issues can be easily avoided! 

When choosing your builder, you should always go with one that has a project manager and communication system in place. At Contegrity, we use an online project management software that logs all clients, subs and builder communication. Every decision is logged in real-time – when materials need to be ordered, when payments are requested and every single detail of the home is accessible during the build. We even include progress photos so you can see exactly what’s going on! 

Weather can be one of the biggest reasons behind building delays. Sometimes Mother Nature has a mind of her own and delays can’t be avoided but any experienced builder will take that into consideration from the start of the build. Your project manager should plan ahead of time, determining what days the weather would be suitable to work on the exterior of your home. Work on the interior should be saved for days when the weather isn’t cooperating! Although it’s impossible to account for all weather-related delays, planning accordingly and having an online system to track and schedule the build will ensure things are still relatively on track. 

Having access to this project management system as a homeowner is a game-changer because you also get 24/7 access to a live schedule. This allows the buyer to have eyes on everything that’s happening during the move. Your materials haven’t arrived on time? It’s logged in the software. Your trades haven’t shown up when scheduled? Or a certain job takes less time than expected? You can find everything updated within the software. 

This eliminates the fear of not moving in on time because you can see how the build is progressing and if your move-in date looks accurate. 

Without a proper system in place to track how everything is moving along, you can see how mistakes might be made. This system takes away the risk of missing something important and having to go back to finish something later that should’ve already been done. If you choose a builder who doesn’t have a project management system, you should question their skills and discipline so you have a good idea of whether or not they would be prepared when it comes to building delays during a custom build. 

Finances can also play a part in building delays. It’s important that the homeowners are prepared with proper financing before getting started on the build. If you don’t set a realistic budget from the beginning, you could cause your build to get delayed due to insufficient funds. You should always talk to your builder about this at the very start to avoid any problems. 

Let’s Build Your Dream Home!

Building your custom home should be exciting, not stressful. Contegrity guarantees a move-in date to eliminate all fears surrounding building delays. If we miss that date, you get paid out for your trouble. We also offer a fixed price and 24/7 communication for peace of mind because we believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! 

Contact us today to get started with a free quote. 

Avoiding Poor Craftsmanship when Building your Custom Home

Building a custom home is a big project and quite possibly the biggest decision you’ll make in your life. We are breaking down our last blog, 5 Common Fears of Building a Custom Home, and writing a blog to each fear. So the first fear from that blog was Poor Craftsmanship. In this blog we will give you multiple tips on how to Avoid Poor Craftsmanship when Building your Custom Home.

Let’s get into it! 

Look For a Warranty

One of the best ways to avoid poor craftsmanship when building your custom home is to ensure your builder has a new home warranty package. This package should include a performance standard guide for new homeowners to understand the quality that will be delivered by the builder. 

At Contegrity, we partner with Saskatchewan New Home Warranty to provide our clients with reassurance that their needs will be met throughout the build. This warranty, in particular, covers new home construction but we also have packages for major renovations so you can rest easy no matter what your plans are. 

Get to Know Your Builder 

Getting to know your builder is incredibly important before you jump into a large project together. You should think of this interview process like you would if you were dating or attending a job interview. You should be interested in getting to know their history, such as the type of homes they’ve built in the past and always ask for references! You’re going to be paying for their services, so they shouldn’t have a problem with answering any and all of your questions. 

It’s an even better sign if your builder is open to providing site tours to future clients. That way, you can see current jobs they’re working on and you’ll be able to assess how organized and clean everything is (or isn’t). A builder who’s organized and clean is more likely to provide you with quality. 

Work on the Design Together 

If you want to avoid poor craftsmanship during your build, you should always seek a builder who’s excited to have your involvement in the design. Your vision is important and any quality builder will want you to consult on the design so that the final result matches what you had wanted from the start. 

It’s best to look for a builder that has an architect and in-house interior designer to guide you throughout the entire process. You should be able to trust these professionals with your vision and know with certainty that the builder understands what you want. Don’t be afraid to set your standards right from the beginning so expectations are clear! 

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Building a custom home isn’t cheap so it’s easy to start making decisions around price when the bills start rolling in. Unfortunately, building a custom home is not the same as finding a great pair of vintage jeans for $20. Typically, a builder who offers a cheap rate will also provide low-quality results. As a rule of thumb, if a builder is promising a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is! They’re likely cutting corners and substituting quality materials for something cheaper. 

One of the best ways to see where your builder stands when it comes to quality is by asking them how many coats of paint they used for the internal walls. While this may seem irrelevant, it can tell you a lot about the builder and whether or not they pay attention to details during a custom build. A good builder will use two coats on interior walls, meanwhile, those looking to cut down on costs will only do one or do a second coat that’s watered down. 

You can check for yourself by inspecting a home the builder has recently completed. Don’t be afraid to run a clean finger along the walls to detect any inconsistencies and ask questions if you see the paint is uneven. If they aren’t able to provide you with a good reason for the inconsistencies, you might want to reconsider that builder. 

Choose a Builder That Prioritizes Quality 

A good builder should never shy away from talking about the quality of their work. If the builder doesn’t address quality during the interview process, that should be seen as a red flag. If you want to avoid poor craftsmanship, don’t rush when interviewing the builder. Here are a few topics you shouldn’t shy away from discussing at the start:

  • Whether or not they have professional sub-trades
  • What materials will be used when building your home 
  • Their process in delivering you the home of your dreams
  • Their best and worst experiences during a build
  • The number of sites they’re currently supervising – This will help you determine whether or not the builder will have enough time to manage the details and quality of your home!

Enjoy Your Dream Home

Your dream home should be just as important to your builder, as it is to you! A professional builder will be proud of the work they deliver and excited to show new clients their previous builds. Remember that knowledge is power and it’s always best to go into a build knowing as much as possible about the planning and execution. 

If you’re ready to get started on your very own custom build, we’d love to provide you with a free consultation today to discuss your vision! 

5 Common Fears of Building a Custom Home

Building a home is a big project. There are many factors that can make it a scary experience. Today we’re taking a look at 5 common fears of building a custom home and how you can avoid these issues occurring before you get started with the build! 

1. Lack of Quality Work 

You should expect a certain level of quality in the work and craftsmanship of your home. After all, you’ll be living there for many years to come! Thinking about the quality of your home can be overwhelming, especially if you plan on entertaining. If your home doesn’t turn out exactly as you’ve imagined it, you’d be embarrassed to invite friends and family over. 

That’s why it’s incredibly important to find the right builder! You can avoid this fear and all other common fears of building a custom home by taking your time to find a builder that’s focused on superior quality. One way to tell if you’re going with the right builder is if they discuss their quality during the interview process. If they shy away from discussing quality, you should consider other builders. Quality should always be the #1 focus from your builder.

2. Not Moving in on Time 

You’ve likely met people who have built a custom home and haven’t been able to move in on time. “The builder started weeks late”, “they’re still waiting on materials to arrive”, “it’s only going to be a few days later than planned”, are a few things you might have heard from friends or family members who chose a custom build. Some builders will make promises they can’t keep, which often leads to disappointment. 

To avoid this problem from occurring when you build your custom home, ensure your builder has a guaranteed start and completion date. A credible builder will have a building schedule available to you from the beginning. This demonstrates their organizational skills and will show you that they’re more than prepared to get you into your new home on time or ahead of schedule! If you don’t hit your guaranteed move-in date, the builder should be paying you!

3. Too Many Decisions 

Having to make too many decisions is one of the most common fears of building a custom home. Decisions making isn’t everyone’s strong suit and the thought of picking the right backsplash for your kitchen or whether or not the range hood you’ve chosen will be vented can be anxiety-inducing. 

An easy to way approach this fear is by working alongside a design-build team. They will be available to take the weight of decision-making off your hands and will work with you to ensure you’re happy with how your home turns out. Our in-house interior designer keeps each design decision organized so all of your needs are met throughout the custom build. 

4. Unforeseen Costs

We’ve all been there. You’re excited to buy something new and when it comes time to cash out, it’s a much higher number than you had initially expected. Once you’ve set your mind on a certain price, you’re not going to be thrilled to spend more. If you’re vetted a few different builders and went with the cheapest quote, you might realize that their initial quote didn’t include the eavestrough or they priced the cheapest materials (ie. laminate countertops when you really wanted quartz). Having to deal with additional costs can be extremely stressful, especially if you have to run back to the bank to ask to borrow more money. These types of mistakes will not only be frustrating but will also cost you more money in the long run because it will push your move-in date back even further! 

You can ensure this doesn’t happen to you by settling on a fixed price from the beginning. Look over the builder’s contract in detail so you know that every single aspect is accounted for. Typically, our Fixed Price booklet is 60-80 pages long, depending on the house. Building a custom home is exciting but don’t let your excitement and eagerness to get started with the build cloud your judgment when it comes to cost. 

5. Issues Communicating With the Builder

Not all builders are hands-on. Many look for shortcuts that can save them time and money, ultimately lowering the quality of their work. You might fear that your sink hasn’t been installed properly or come to find that bi-fold closet doors were installed when you wanted swinging doors. Will your builder stick to their word and be open to communicating about what you want in your home? 

Luckily, you can ease your mind by using a software program that will link you to your builder, their trades and vendors. That way, you can always keep an eye on what’s going on during the build and you’ll have everything in one place. If your builder doesn’t want to provide you with access to this information, that should be seen as a red flag. You should always have control over your build and you’ll find builders that are happy to communicate with you throughout the entire process! 

Choose the Right Builder

After taking a look at these 5 common fears of building a custom home, you’ve probably realized how crucial it is to choose the right builder. 
Contegrity Contracting is focused on bringing your dreams to life. They strive to create unmatched relationships with each homeowner to provide them with a custom home they will truly love. Read some of our client’s testimonials and get in touch today to discuss your custom home! 

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